Green Hotel Awards

   Award for environmental conscious hotels Focusing on entrepreneurs who are friendly to nature and the environment with unique characteristics that create benefits for individuals, organizations, nations and all humanity. Green Hotel Award Green Hotel Awards Is one of the projects of the Department of Tourism that is held to promote and praise the hotel operators Resorts that are aware of energy and environmental conservation And also encourages other entrepreneurs Has created a concept of sustainable energy conservation, responding to the current trend of conducting in global warming
  Loeivillages get award Green Hotel A good eco-friendly hotel The use of environmental policies and operations for hotel business operators The selection of green products to preserve the environment Collaboration with communities and local organizations Training for human resource development for operation Waste Management Waste Management Using energy efficiently to reduce energy consumption Effective use of water to reduce water consumption Air quality management Both indoor and outdoor Control of noise pollution from hotel operations Waste water treatment and management to prevent water contamination And reduce waste water generation There is a management of toxic substances and chemicals by showing clear symbols for toxic substances, together with the proper disposal of hazardous waste.
  Loeivillages Has operated in accordance with the royal initiative Sufficiency economy focuses on sufficiency And sustainable organic agriculture There are green activities such as planting vegetables, making various liquids. From natural raw materials, etc.